As a sole trader, N.CASTALDO has been active in the field of high-end interior design since October 1996. Following a steady rise in the demand for reliable and competent drafting services, CASTALDO GmbH was founded in July 2002, increasing the company’s headcount and expanding its range of services. Nowadays, we are a regular supplier to renowned interior manufacturers and shipyards.

Thanks to our involvement in a plethora of multifaceted and challenging projects, our design engineers have developed a deep expertise that all our customers benefit from.

Corporate Cculture

“Our values are consistent and show the quintessence of our corporate culture. They are, so to speak, our company heart. Accompany us through various changes and make us a powerful, successful and determined team.”

*We see our business partners as our allies. We treat them fairly, with respect and integrity – and we expect the same from them.

*We trust each other, act together and enjoy working together.

*Each one of us is curious, asks for help and qualifies further. We bring enthusiasm and an optimistic attitude to work.

*We take nothing for granted. We face new challenges, because nothing is certain in life. It is important for us to remain modest. We have the confidence to treat others the way we want them to treat us.