Excellence in engineering, drafting, process planning and project management are a crucial prerequisite for a smooth manufacture and installation of luxury interiors. In every project, from the outset, a comprehensive drafting process is key to a high-quality end product.

Our service comprises assistance with measurement, approval drawings to be submitted to architects/designers as well as production-ready drawings. Naturally, our service includes CNC contour milling and component drawings for purchased parts made of glass, metal, stone, etc.

CASTALDO thus acts as the interface between design and implementation. We ensure that the design specifications of renowned designers and architects are adhered to in every detail, keeping manufacture and installation as smooth as possible.

In times of ever growing project packages and time constraints, drafting is a crucial factor to the success of a project. When it comes to realizing interiors, time and again, the design process turns out to be the project bottleneck. At the end of the day, fastidiousness and accuracy in drafting are critical to keeping your manufacturing and installation budget lean.

Naturally, we take the specific production environment of each individual customer into account in drafting. The content of drawings, layer structure, title block, coordination of details, etc. are realized according to our customers’ specifications.